Chocolate Making

There are several different types of chocolate that are available to the home cook for use in candy making: pure chocolates, confectionery coating, and chocolate chips. Pure chocolates contain cocoa butter and must be properly tempered in order to set up correctly.

Tempering refers to a process of heating and cooling pure chocolate to ensure that the cocoa butter in the chocolate hardens in a uniform crystal structure. Chocolate that is tempered has a smooth texture, a glossy shine and snaps when bitten or broken. Chocolate that is not tempered corectly might be cloudy, gray, or sticky at room temperature.

There are four types of pure chocolates: unsweetened (no sugar added), bittersweet (small amount of sugar added), semi-sweet (more sugar added), and milk chocolate (milk and sugar added.) White chocolate can also contain cocoa butter and need to be tempered, however, it doesn't contain any cocoa powder, so it isn't technically considered chocolate .