Tarrot Reading Course

Numerous individuals square measure interested by their future. whereas others would love to understand concerning
their future, some would simply use this data as a guide for them in handling their daily lives. Among several divinations tarot card provides United States the steering and predictions for the long run. because it is intriguing, plenty of people would love to find out the art of tarot card Divination.

This course aims at acquainting you with the fundamental meanings of the cards and basic techniques of card reading. For all those that ar unaccustomed card. This course referred to as the Key to card helps you open the doors to intuition, when this course you ought to be ready to browse the cards for yourself and to urge initiated into the planet of card.

The course content includes:

1. Introduction to Tarot.
2. Structure of Tarot (How tarot works and how it helps).
3. The Major Arcana (learn how to use them as milestones in your life today).
4. Upright card meanings.
5. Understanding of the Tarot cards.
6. Reading and Interpretation of the Tarot Cards.
7. Basic Tarot spreads.


Mid Brain Activation

We Would like to introduce ourselves as “Creative Touch” An Education Company Working in the field Of supplementary education since 2007 Creative Touch has been Actively contributing & working in the field of child brain development for years .We at Creative Touch are proud launch “MID BRAIN ACTIVATION” course for the whole brain development of child.
Activation of the senses results in the brain is capable of summarizing the content of the book bt just flipping the pages only.

Benefits of the Brain Activation Course:
This education can facilitate improvements in student's performance through a strategic integration of Motor System,Sensory System,Concentration,Memory Power,Confidence Boosting, imagination,Emotional Well Being & over all learning environment.

The Rubik's Cube

The program leads to

•   Increase in competency skills
•   Increase in focus and concentration
•   Increase in sharpness and capacity of your memory
•   Improves speed, hand, eye and brain coordination
•   3 dimensional Analysing Power
•   Matching & Projection skills
•   Increases alertness as one develops speed

1 SESSION 1 Introduction, Basics of Rubik Cube, Notations to be used like edges, corners and rotations of various sides of the cube Methodology to be adopted, layer concepts 2 hours
2 SESSION 2 Solving edge Pieces of the bottom layer of the cube 2 hours
3 SESSION 3 Solving Corner Pieces of the bottom layer of the cube 2 hours
4 SESSION 4 Practice Session to solve bottom layer 2 hours
5 SESSION 5 Solving Middle Layer 2 hours
6 SESSION 6 Solving Middle Layer and practice sessions for bottom Layer and middle layer 2 hours
7 SESSION 7 Top Layer Edges and centre, corners and practice sessions 2 hours